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By Dan Chadburn
Released 8/1/2022
Always tracks
1. Always
2. Uncharted Waters
3. O Shenandoah
4. Turning Point
5. Yesteryear
6. Minuet
7. Uncertainty
8. Missing You
9. The Wishing Well
10. Sacred Breath
11. Synchronicity
12. Final Curtain
Music That ALWAYS Soothes The Soul
When you have performed for audiences at Carnegie Hall (New York), Symphony Hall (Boston), and The Kennedy
Center (Washington, DC), there is a level of acceptance recognized worldwide by the music community. For Dan Chadburn, these are just a few of his accomplishments over the years.

He released Always in August of this year. The keyboard's colors are illustrated on the release artwork and in his music.

With tracks like "Yesteryear," he paints the picture suggested in the title without words with poignancy and beauty.

The twelve tracks on Always are like walking through a musical spiral staircase of life's emotions and events. The track "Uncertainty" puts that idea into perspective with grace and purposefulness. The pace and rhythms are moving with a genuine feeling that finds a way to soothe your doubts with the simplicity of solo piano music. Its pure beauty and message are clear as day and the blue sky above. It is also one of the most extended tracks on the album, giving the listener time to absorb the meaning entirely.

"Missing You" is another track that pulls on your heartstrings. I felt deeply moved by the way it was presented. While straightforward, the music has a hypnotic effect that draws you in, and you start reliving things in the corners of your mind and soul. That is what I call music doing its job well.

Creating the sound and colors without words needs to be robust, clear, and concise to ensure you are paying attention and your mind does not drift elsewhere. That fact alone is the reason it can be so relaxing and used to help you reach a meditative state. I can see that mission was accomplished from the twelve tracks I enjoyed.

This music can be your "Wishing Well" and where you can realize "Synchronicity" with your mind, body, and spirit. And for this listener's ears, that is precisely what I seek when I listen to music like you will find on Always.

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck-New Age Music Reviews Founder

August 28, 2022
Rating: Excellent   Excellent
- reviewed by Keith MuzikMan Hannaleck on 8/30/2022
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