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New Age CD Reviews By Diane Garris
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Within Us All
By Monica Williams
Label: Heart Dance Records
Released 11/15/2019
Within Us All tracks
1. You Are Compassionate
2. You Are Forgiving
3. You are Memorable
4. You Are Happiness
5. You Are Adventure
6. You Are Free as a Child
7. You Are Resilience
8. You Are Integrity
9. You Are Not Alone
10. You Are Enough
Within Us All Album Review
“Within Us All” by Monica Williams | Album Review by Dyan Garris for New Age CD and Zone Music Reporter

“A brilliant, sparkling, soothing, sophomore album from Monica Williams.” – Dyan Garris

“Within Us All” is the second album from flutist Monica Williams, following up on her award-winning album, “Journey of Tears.” The album features wonderful, top-flight guest artists: Pianist Lynn Tredeau, flutist Sherry Finzer on bass flute, Michael Kent Smith on guitar, the multiple Grammy® nominated Will Clipman on percussion, and John Herrera (Clamsville Productions), on synths and with creative input. “Within Us All” was recorded, mixed and mastered by Ryan Johnson and John Herrera at Clamsville Productions in Chandler, Arizona.

The song titles are each rather like affirmations, and Monica sets the intentions here of being compassionate, resilient, forgiving, happy, adventurous and more. She sets these intentions, not only for herself, but for all who hear her music. She succeeds. These qualities are “within us all.” And what really shines through the album is love from the heart. This is beautiful, soothing, healing music.

“You Are Compassionate” is the lovely opener to this album. This is gentle, flowing, and melodic. The synth and beat underneath are both quite soothing along with the sweet flute line. Beautifully played and perfect mix. Love this. We can feel our hearts opening. And that’s always a good thing.

The hauntingly beautiful “You Are Forgiving” features the sensitively played piano performance of Lynn Tredeau, along with a superior bass flute performance by Sherry Finzer, perfectly complimenting Monica’s flute. This song is a favorite. So soothing to the soul.

“You Are Memorable” has a distinct Native American vibe. At 5:40, it’s memorable. Nice beat underneath and the Monica’s flute here is extremely good. This conjures up feelings of the ancients. Very nicely done.

The uplifting “You Are Happiness” is just that. Here we have sweet, light flute pairing with the fab guitar of Michael Kent Smith. This song effortlessly brings out remembrance and reminders of the joyfulness that resides within us all. I love it.

Just when we thought it couldn’t get any better, the unmistakable percussion of Will Clipman captivates us even further on “You Are Adventure.” This does feel like we’re on an exciting adventure, with its sensuous, sinuous, snaky flute performance and World beat. Completely charming in every way. The journey of life. Wonderful.

There is something special about the song, “You Are Free As A Child.” Here we have an emotionally compelling flute melody coupling with the confident, passionately played piano performance of Lynn Tredeau. This is very melodic and flowing, reminding us we can free ourselves from whatever binds us whenever we’d like. Great mix by Ryan Johnson and John Herrera. Another favorite on this album.

“You are Resilience” has a Native American feel, synths and World beat. Here we are reminded quite nicely of our innate inner strength.

The hauntingly beautiful, “You are Integrity” features a poignant flute performance along with piano and synth strings.

“You are Not Alone” is peaceful and soothing with its atmospheric, “spacey,” universal kind of vibe. Flute with synth sounds underneath make this rather trance inducing, really. Good for meditation and for remembering our “oneness” with the Universe.

This excellent album ends with “You are Enough.” We are and this is. You will want to get the whole thing, not just a few songs. It’s 47 minutes and 10 tracks of bliss, truly. And we can’t wait to hear more from this very gifted artist.

P.S. Love this album cover art by Michael Rogers

Listen/get “Within Us All” here:

Artist website:

Label: Heart Dance Records
Sherry Finzer:
(602) 903-0348

Monica's music can be purchased on Amazon, iTunes and Bandcamp, and can be heard on all streaming platforms including Spotify, Apple Music and Pandora.
Rating: Excellent   Excellent
- reviewed by Dyan Garris on 11/18/2019
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