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Now the Silence by Juan Sanchez
- posted by Robin James on 7/9/2021
Now The Silence by Juan Sanchez
Portraits of twilight and sweet melancholy, emotional, precise, tight fitting and elegant. Now the Silence brings images or ideas from the past into the mind, fears and doubts, strings with piano, growing old together, piano and strings, and one track, “Tolworth” (5:29), presents with a haunting, ethereal vocalist. These are entirely instrumental stories or poems about a piano teacher, the way the moon looks, remembrances from a distance, unhurried discovery, the child who feeds one's soul or lifts the spirit, happy peaceful picturesque feelings, keeping a memory that may be effortless or unwilled, and the long light of the evening hours that signal the summer solstice.

“Alma” (3:58) is a duet, strings and piano, each with equal voices overlaying but not rhyming or responding, they each have a perspective and the two together are the portrait of Alma. “Siempre” (2:35) is a Spanish word meaning forever, always, and constant. The poem is expressed using piano and strings, with sublime pauses and rapid flow, sometimes the strings are submerged, sometimes the piano is supported by the strings.

The final track, “Blue Nights” (5:51) is where the strings take the lead and the piano supports them, a story without words, perhaps about the remembrance of times past, things gone, faces you no longer remember, and what is still to be lost.

This entire album is haunting and profound, sometimes the story is difficult, there is a beauty in the hesitant searching for words, and then cascading ideas tumble forth. Now the Silence is a visitation from a blurred face, passions remembered and lost, the warm sunshine and awkward moments meeting new friends for the first time, now the quietude straggles and endures.

Now the Silence is a semi-finalist in the Spanish Independent Music Awards (MIN), and will be entered into the Latin GRAMMY Awards and the GRAMMY Awards this season.

Very Young Old Man
Luz de Luna
Now The Silence
Blue Nights

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“Woolgathering” -
Rating: Excellent
Monet's Garden by Dean & Dudley Evenson
- posted by Robin James on 7/8/2021
Garden of Earthly Delights
Claude Monet's house and garden is located in Giverny, France, and these recordings were inspired there to musically describe and depict the presence of the water lily pond, Japanese bridge, the flower gardens and more. Field recordings of birds were made in and around the home and gardens of Claude Monet, and the music was recorded later in their studio. These recordings combine flutes and birds with autoharp, harp, synthesizer, and meditation bowls. The feeling is of persistent wisdom and appreciation for the wonderment of life outdoors, 'en plein air.'

Dean and Dudley Evenson have been making music together since 1968, generating over 80 albums and videos as well collaborating with outstanding musicians from around the world, to create music and video that heals and uplifts, while also videotaping the emerging consciousness of the era. In 1979, they founded Soundings of the Planet as a way to share a message of healing and nature through their music.

Rising like a dragonfly from the surface of the pond and searching forever, the flute expresses freely-brushed colors that take precedence over fixed lines and contours, and with the harp, the sound emphasizes shapes and forms at the edge of the place where the day meets the world under the water. "Water Lily Nymphs" (6:01) establishes the journey and path of this album, where the artists have sought to express their perceptions of nature, rather than create exact representations.

Weaving a story of magic and sunshine, flute, harp and bowls combine to rapture and mystery on the walkway through the conservatory of botanical delights, "Enchanted Garden Path" (5:22). Harp floats and flute flitters, the iridescent play of sunshine in a "Field of Flowers" (4:57), the sky is lazy, huge with breezes and bouncing papillons with the polychromatic blossoming sentinels of the season. Music can often resemble a snapshot, a part of a larger reality captured as if by chance.

MONET’S GARDEN is a refreshing tribute to the Impressionist Claude Monet and the many creative insights he brought to our lives. The musicians Dudley and Dean Everson, blending music, nature and spirituality as the primary threads with which to weave the fabric of this life, to fulfill their vision of “Peace Through Music,” which remains the Soundings of the Planet company motto. Their beautiful, peaceful music brings together their instrumental gifts, blended with recordings of natural sounds–streams, bird-songs, wind, ocean waves–continuing to define the constantly emerging New Age musical genre.

Water Lily Nymphs
Wisteria Foot Bridge
Golden Tones
Splendid Irises
Water Garden
Spring Impressions
Enchanted Garden Path
Field of Flowers
Pond Reflections
Cascading Willows
Play of Light
Evening in Giverny
Rating: Excellent
Rebirth by Juan Sanchez
- posted by Call That Music? on 6/28/2021
“Rebirth” by Juan Sánchez
Juan Sánchez is a music producer, composer and pianist from Barcelona, Spain. From his musical beginnings at the end of the 80s during his time at the Conservatory at just fourteen years old to his start with making instrumental electronic music prior to the turn of the century. He’s been busy!

The title track
In March 2019, he released a single titled “Rebirth” that was well received by fans both new and old. The single has received almost 250,000 streams on Spotify. Following this success, he released his album also titled “Rebirth” on September 2nd, 2019. A 9 track release full of soundscapes that is perfect for almost any occasion.

“Rebirth” is a pleasant listening experience, much to what anyone can expect from piano/neo-classical stylings. However, it is clear that those who worked on this took their time and really shaped this release to run with absolute clarity and consistency. Truly well mixed and mastered.

This release is for everyone, not just fans of the aforementioned genres – but those who never really take the time to listen to this kind of music outside of films, TV shows and other such media. Really delve into this realm with Juan Sánchez’s “Rebirth”

Listen to “Rebirth” on Spotify and be sure to visit Juan Sánchez’s official website here!
Rating: Excellent
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