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Create Monthly Chart Report

This page is secured and therefore requires the user to log in. If the user is not logged in when attempting to access this page, they will automatically be redirected to the login page. Once verified, the user is presented with options to select a show, broadcaster and time period. If the user is only authorized to create charts for one broadcaster, that broadcaster is automatically selected.

A report can be created for a single show or for all shows for the selected broadcaster. If a report for all shows is desired, leave the show selection empty.

Once the show and / or broadcaster and time period is selected, the user has two options.

The first option is to click the "Continue" button. When this button is clicked, the application checks to see if a report has already been created for the show. If a previously saved report is detected, the application automatically retrieves the saved data and populates the recordings that had been selected when it was saved. If no report is found, the application then checks to see if any playlists exist for the show. If one or more playlists is found, the application calculates the number of times any song is played from a single recording. This list is then ranked in order from most to least number of spins and the top 20 recordings are automatically populated. Once this list is populated, either from a saved report or playlists, manual changes can then be made by selecting individual recordings.

NOTE: No attempt is made to sort ties or ensure that ties that go beyond the 20th recording are represented. (Actually, there is currently a secondary sort for ties in order from newest to oldest release date, but this is an "unpublished" feature since not all recordings have accurate release dates. This may be made permanent in the future if feasible.)

The second option after entering show and time information would be to simply start selecting recordings in their ranked position and entering the number of spins. There are 20 data entry fields for collecting the data. Recordings are selected for each row by clicking the recording selector button next to each field.

Once the recording selections have been made, simply click the "Submit" button to save the selections as a report. Note that not all selections need to be made the first time a report is saved. If desired, some selections can be left blank and by using the method described above, the saved selections can be recalled at a later time for editing.

FUTURE FEATURE: Once all broadcasters have submitted a report for a given month, an administrator will actually create the chart for the month. Upon creating the chart, all chart reports used in creating the report will be "locked". Once locked, users will not be allowed to edit the report.