Help System

Create Playlist

This page allows users to begin creation of a playlist. A playlist is created using a two step process. This page creates a playlist header that defines the show information. Once the header is created, the user must proceed to the "Edit Playlist" page to add recordings that have been aired.

The page presents the user with several details that need to be entered by the user. The first item is the broadcaster. If the user only has permission to create playlists for one broadcaster, that broadcaster is automatically selected and the user can not change it. If the user has permissions for multiple broadcasters, the user must select which broadcaster they wish to create a playlist for.

The user proceeds to fill in the remainder of information that is needed for the playlist header. This includes the desired show, host, show theme and notes about the playlist if desired. Note that all of this information is displayed to the user viewing a playlist.

Once the user has entered all of the desired information, they must click the "Submit" button to create the show.

NOTE: In order to have a new show or host added to the picklists, please contact us. There is currently no method for a broadcaster to maintain their own shows and hosts.