Help System

Add/Edit Label

This page allows users to either add or edit a recording label to our database.

Step One - Logon

1. First, you must be logged onto NewAgeReporter using your User Name and Password.
2. Click on the Recordings tab on the menu bar. The default page is the " Add/Edit Label" form.

Step Two - Search database

Tip: It is a good idea to make sure that the label you are trying to enter is not in our database already.  This can happen due to a misspelling in the name, etc. The best way to check this is:

1. To search for an label, double click on the "Label" field (the gray field) and a pop up box will appear.
2. Type in the main name or a partial keyword. For example: to search for Pothole Records, use the keyword Pothole as your seach term. Practicing with this will make you understand how it works.
3. All results from you search criteria will appear. If nothing is found, move to step three.
4. Using the advise in the Tip above, see if you can locate the label in our database.  If no results are returned, you are now ready to enter the label info.

Step Three - Enter Label Info

1. Enter Label Name: Type in the label name in the "Label Name" field. 

(The above is all that is required to submit the label to our database. If you know the remaining info, please enter it in remaining field.)

3. Enter Website Hyperlink - If you know the web addrees of the label. Enter it in the "Hyperlink" field. (IMPORTANT! Do Not Include the HTTP:// in the URL you enter. Our database automatically adds this for you. If you do enter it, the LINK WILL NOT WORK).

4. Enter Email -  If you know the email address of the label. Enter it in the "Email" field.

5. Enter Contact Number:- If you know the phone number of the label. Enter it in the "Phone" field.

6. Save the Entry - This is the most important step. To save your entry, click on the "Submit Form" button at the bottom of the screen. (Note: You must click on the Submit button to enter your info in our database, if not it will not be saved.)