Help System

Edit Playlist

This page allows users to finish creation of a playlist. A playlist is created using a two step process. Once the header is created using the "Create Playlist" page, the user must proceed to this page to add recordings that have been aired.  Recordings must be added to a segment.  A segment is generally defined as a time between air breaks.

When you first visit this page, you must select which playlist you want to edit by clicking the playlist selector icon.  This popup guides the user through a 3 step process of selecting which playlist to edit.  Once the playlist is selected, the playlist header information is displayed and the user is ready to begin adding segments and songs.  A playlist does not need to be built all at one time, it can be partially built and then finished at a later time.

In order to add a segment, click the "Add Segment" button just below the header information.  A popup window prompts the user for a segment time.  A time format MUST be used to identify a segment.  This would normally correspond to the time the segment started after the previous air break.  All segments can be entered initially or they can be added one at a time as needed for adding the songs.

Once at least one segment exists for the playlist, songs can be added to the desired segment(s).  In order to add a song to an existing segment, click the "Add Song" button on the right end of the approprite segment bar.  A popup window appears that leads the user through a multi-step song selection process.  There are several methods that can be used to search for a song. 

Note that for both segments and songs, when the selection is made in the popup and you are returned to the playlist form, the changes have already been saved to the database.  There is no need to click the submit button to save the changes that have been made.  (The submit button currently has no effect on this page.)