Help System

View Playlist

This page allows users to view playlists that have been generated through the system.

The page presents the user with an option to select which playlist they would like to view. Click on the image to open the popup window used to make a playlist selection. The popup selection window that opens includes three selection stages where the user must make selections.

The first selection is the broadcaster. This is a picklist that includes all broadcasters who currently have a playlist in the system (this list is updated dynamically as new broadcasters add their first playlist). Once this selection is made, click on the "Click Here to Continue" link to proceed to the next step. Note that if the user is logged into the system that the broadcaster the user is associated with is automatically selected by default.

The second selection is a picklist for all shows for the selected broadcaster. Select the desired show and click on the "Click Here to Continue" link to proceed to the next step.

For the third and final step for displaying a playlist the user is presented with a calendar view. This view automatically defaults to the current month. If a different month is desired, the user can change the month to the next or previous month by clicking on one of the arrow images in the header of the calendar (next to the month name). If any playlists have been created for the selected show during the month, the date value associated with the playlist will appear in red and will be hyperlinked. Clicking on any of the red dates will return the user to the original "View Playlist" page and the page will now display the selected playlist.